Francesco Zizola

Francesco Zizola (Rome, 1962) has photographed some of the world’s major conflicts and their hidden crises. His book “Born Somewhere” was the result of a 13-year project; covering the situation of children in 28 different countries around the world.
Francesco has been awarded many international industry rewards; including the World Press Photo of the Year 1996, documenting the tragedy of land mines in Angola, together with nine other awards in the World Press Photo contests, and four Picture of the Year Awards.
Francesco studied anthropology and took up photography as a profession in 1981 and in 1986 he devoted himself entirely to photojournalism, taking his first steps at L'Europeo magazine’s photo desk. Ever since, his pictures have been published by both leading Italian and international newspapers and magazines. They have also been exhibited largely.
He has published five books, including Iraq (published with Amnesty International, 2007), which documents the beginning of Iraq II, Etats d'enfance and Born Somewhere (Fusiorari); an extensive piece of work on the living conditions of children from 28 different countries.
He is a member and co-founder of NOOR picture agency and foundation. Francesco lives in Rome.(*)

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