Livio Senigalliesi

Born in Milano (Italy) in 1956.
Self-taught photographer, Senigalliesi begins the carrer at the beginning of the 80s taking pictures of social issues, homeless, immigrants, workers living in the suburbs of the industrial towns of the north and mafia in the south of Italy.
In the lastest 20 years his passion for photography as testimony and the attention to historical events have taken him to many of the world hot spots: the Middle East and Kurdistan during the Gulf War, Berlin in the division and in the reunification times, Moscow during the days of the coup d'état which decreed the end of the Soviet Union, Sarajevo during the siege and all the phases of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.
He works for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) Photo-Desk, for the Italian Cooperation for several Italian and foreign NGOs, documenting the consequenses of the war, the suffering of the civilians and the projects of reconstruction.
During the last years he realized projects for UNHCR, ICRC, Amnesty International, Medicins sans Frontieres, Premio Ilaria Alpi, Goethe Institut, Alexander Langer Foundation, Rigoberta Menchù Tum Foundation.(*)

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