Zadar 1991 / La guerra all'improvviso - Robert Marinka

Robert Marinka
Postcart Editore, 2009, 136 pp.
ISBN: 978-88-86795-22-7

Text edited by Valeria Bracato, based on the memoirs of Robert Marnika.
"There are memories that are like abandoned rooms in a house which is still alive. They continue to live there even though the door is closed. Itís useless trying to avoid them, ignore them or pretend they are stored away in some dark corridor with no way out. They remain right where they are, together with their dark contents, and refuse to be got rid of.
Time makes them just a little dusty, but not enough to quieten their voices and sometimes, suddenly, they burst open, like doors thrown wide by a violent, implacable wind. These are the moments when I shut my eyes and the images are still vivid even today."(*)

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